I HATE that gross word….

No it’s not poop, fart OR moist….there is one word, well more like sentence, that I absolutely cannot stand since having children…”Spoiled Rotten.” Those are two of the grossest words in the English language and we attach them to our children… Grossss…. when I think of the words Spoiled and Rotten, I think of the strawberries I found in the back of the fridge last week…definitely NOT my precious Finn who is clutched to my side for dear life..


Honestly though. Have you ever been told that your kid is ‘spoiled rotten’? First you think ” WOW , what a TOTAL bitch, my kids isn’t spoiled..” that slowly morphs into..” wow, is my kid spoiled?” and then all of the sudden it’s full blown, “OMG my kid IS spoiled… ugh first thing when we get home, we are ditching half of the toys in his room, then we’re taking away the binky, the blankie in 2 months, and my kid will not be getting anything that even resembles candy from now on…” Seriously? See what a little bit of doubt in your mind can do?? But for real, I went through that with Stella, every time someone rushed to say she was spoiled at the first sight of clutching my leg and hiding her face.. I used to think ‘omg Stella DOES have an awful lot of toys, and she DOES get to pick a little something out every time we go to Target ( let’s be honest, that’s not THAT often ๐Ÿ˜‰ and Come on, what was I thinking, still holding her at 14 months? MY GOD I must have really screwed up somewhere!’ย [ none of that really happened, and I didn’t change a damn thing by the way ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  but that little bit of doubt got me all psyched up..]


Then came Hank. Hank had colic, so you kind of couldn’t NOT spoil him. When the only thing that soothes that sweet, precious, loud little face is a little baby wearing, I’ll be DAMNED if I didn’t have that load of sweetness strapped to my chest 92% of the day. So this time when someone attempted to pat-a-cake with him and he screamed bloody murder, I could now respond ” well, he’s at that ‘stranger’ fear age, you know? It’s ok he does it to everyone..” you know, that deal so that your not so embarrassed because now you know in your head, ‘hell ya I spoiled him rotten, I had to for sake of my sanity!’


And then Finn…3 dogs, and 2 ROUGH housing kids, and there you have it.. THE most spoiled rotten because there was no way shape or form he would ever be safe on the floor of our house.. like legit, 2 ,70 lb. dogs that fight like bears, and 2 seriously cabin fevered children who fight like 70 lb. dogs, poor Finn was just meant to be spoiled…I really think the whole ‘skin to skin’ after they’re born was a huge pre dispositioning to him being so calm in my arms… ๐Ÿ˜‰ But the great part about finally getting to this stage is by the time someone can even muster over the screams and “mommy, mommy, mommy’s….” to lecture me on my awesome spoiling skills… I cut them off and PROUDLY say.. ” HELL YA he’s spoiled…”


And do you know JUST why I say that with such pride?? Because I have removed the gross term ‘ spoiled rotten’ and have replaced it with ‘extremely loved ‘.. Why the hell not??? Isn’t that all it is anyway?? I don’t really care anymore if Stella gets to pick out a $5 shirt at Target every time we go ( ok maybe not every single time, because we would definitely be broke ) and I don’t mind when Hank throws a whiny fit because someone ate HIS last superman cupcake… or that Finn furiously chases me throughout the house making sure I don’t step a foot out of his sight.. because that must mean they have to feel so incredibly loved. They HAVE to know how proud I am of them, and it has to be reassured in their little minds that I would do anything for them.. including knock the next a-hole out who calls them spoiled… Go ahead, call them ‘ extremely loved’ that means I am doing my job, that makes me feel so good, to know that I am willing to give my children what makes them feel happy and whole at that moment in time.. I try to give all of my attention to them because THEY deserve it.. they are the ones who put up with my crazy tantrums, and freak outs..and they still love me unconditionally and unwavering….I think that alone should be enough motivation to ‘extremely love’ the shit out of them…


I especially think it’s fine because, I like to think it’s because of my ‘extremely loving’, they now have a ‘charity bag’ that they fill every 2 months with toys they haven’t played with or are ready to give to, and I quote from Stella and Hanks own little mouths “kids who don’t have as much to play with. not to mention guilt free spring cleaning forย me ๐Ÿ˜‰ย “. Also, we haven’t gone anywhere in the last 6 months that Stella hasn’t on her own, complimented someone’s outfit, hair or smile..other than that one time she asked the long haired, long bearded cashier at Target if he was “Jesus.”



I love the article that went around about how it’s OK if your not making your kids grow up so fast and lose the paci’s at a certain age, or stop the allowing them to crawl in bed with you or having them potty trained by 15 months etc… because it WILL not last forever..They WILL NOT be in diapers forever(trust me, if Hank potty trained himself, there is hope..) And i’m telling you right now, it can ONLY do them good to spoil them..now I also believe that there are boundaries too.. I’m not making little Violet Beauregarde’s over here, but my kids know when enough is enough.. If they throw a hissy fit in Target, I let them… if you know how to balance teaching your children the values you want them to have, you can ‘extremely love’ them all you want… Is it really going to make them momma’s boys or daddy’s girls? Hell I HOPE it does, because there will come a time when they won’t want or need us, but they will still know how much we fucking love them.. they will feel that love they felt every time we said ‘yes’ as a parent every day of their lives, in every circumstance, because you only get one chance, and the minute you put doubt in a child’s head, it’s game over..


why the hell not, when Target created a dollar section to really push and back up what I am saying here… or when Starbucks created the kids temp hot chocolate at an affordable rate of $1.25…. I mean seriously? Is it going to make them any less of a cute little human? I don’t think so Clark… so get real and make your damn life a hell of a lot easier, and a lot more fun… and just say “Yes.”




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  1. Thank you for keeping me sane. It’s a great feeling knowing you are not alone. Becoming a mommy does crazy things to your emotions, doubt is my worst enemy… You rock!!!


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