Time… XOXO

Once upon a time, there was a boy who liked a girl.. she was terrified of relationships, and trusted no one.. He made her so happy, and she felt so happy.. they went on dates, he drove hours here and back to see her, she did the same.. and a strong beautiful love was created…8 years later, 3 kids, 3 dogs, an old ass farm house, and 47 bottles of captain, that boy and that girl still look at each other like it’s the first time…..except they wonder where in the hell did 8 years go?


An AMAZING woman that I graduated high school with, who also has an awesome blog, ketchuponkristinslife.blogspot.com, left a comment that literally brought me to tears.. after asking what was so hard about being an adult i read ‘ knowing that every year will move faster than the last’. After browsing all of Kristin’s amazing adventures, which spiraled into dreaming about living somewhere tropical and beautiful, which turned into looking up houses for sale in or near Fiji, which then became, ‘ job positions open near Honolulu’ and then when my phone died, I sat for about 30 minutes dreaming of what I have done in 28 years, and why the hell wasn’t I more adventurous? Well, after some soul searching, some google searching, and some Pinot grigio.. I can tell you that I have come up with a list of reasons why I have ACCTUALLY done a lot in my life and have only actually left Ohio twice! Also why I feel so blessed to have done as much as I have and how I intend to do way more than our bank account will allow in the future!


I have made it through high school.. I have gone to a great cosmetology school.. I passed a State Certified Test, I was able to financially support myself for 4 years during school and after, I made best friends, I drove 12 hours straight with one of them. I worked at many salons and met MANY amazing people.. I married the man of my dreams (literally, loved him since 8th grade), I had 3 children with him and made an amazing home out of a 100 year old farm house.. I have encountered angels, I have survived so far 5 years of motherhood.. I flew on a plan, I went to the NICE state and loved it.. I have met famous people.. My favorite band singer left me a happy birthday voicemail on my birthday.. I started a blog.. I have rescued 5 dogs.. I volunteered at animal shelters…I grew a backbone.. I started letting go… i started living….


I have done so much more than that but i won’t bore you with anymore I’s.. But what I have vowed to myself is that I will make my list and I will start crossing shit off.. I will slow my life down by jam-packing it as full as I can.. I would rather have my kids experience 100 small, cheap important adventures, than 3 big Disney vacations.. I want them to feel like time is in our control.. I don’t want Christmas to come and say ” geeze, where did summer go?” so I will go outside everyday and sizzle like bacon so I can soak up every minute June-August have to offer us.. We will start a vacation fund and by the end of summer make use out of however much is in that empty water jug whether that means a dinner at chuck E cheese, or a weekend at the beach… I won’t spend ONE more damn minute of my life worrying about how I am going to get out of debt.. I wont give one more moment of my time to any sad, disturbing, or hateful person or story.. I can’t afford it.. It’s been 28 years and there is still so much more that i will do.. I can’t thank Kristin enough for her beautiful pictures of the amazing places she’s been, I can feel like since just knowing her I can feel like a part of me has been to each place because the pictures are personal and not just images on Google.. I would even have the balls to go to half of the places I would want too, so I will start using my time wasted wishing and turn it into creating things for people. I will make a little extra money by dog grooming, training, or walking.. I will help people create beautiful bountiful organic gardens because no one can afford Kroger’s. I want to make the world my children will live in a beautiful one.. I want them to have the control to see the good and push out the bad.. I want them to know how to spend their precious time and how not to all of a sudden say “What have I been doing for so long?” Stand up for what you want, speak up for yourself.. Do something even is it seem crazy, especially if it seems crazy! I just want to know that no matter how fast the years are going, that every minute i spend, are with meaning, compassion, love and fun, damnit…




  1. Erika,

    What a beautiful post about self love and honoring time. You have accomplished so much and I never doubted that for a second. Every time I see you with your kids, I think ‘wow, one day’. Believe it or not, I often times have trouble comparing my life to those I see on FB, friends getting married, having babies and looking like they have it all. I want that too! But I guess the real lesson here is to stop comparing and know that time, YOUR time is when things will happen and like you said in your post, stop worrying and let it go, what will be will be. You will get to take adventures because you already have. You are mothering 3 kids, THREE KIDS… that is probably your biggest adventure that you will ever partake. Europe, Asia, Africa they will all be there and who knows maybe one of your 3 little adventures will make one BIG adventure and you will have the opportunity to go with them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and inspiring me and so many others. Much love to you ❤


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