Gone, Brow πŸ˜‚

Not sure if you remember in my launch post, but I was missing half an eye brow in that pic…here’s the story …
As parents there is little that we do alone.. including sleeping, eating, peeing, dressing, much less breathing… We come quickly to the acceptance of having a sidekick or (sidekicks’).. We learn quickly that the more we fight it, the longer the scream fest, so as our sleep-deprived minds tend to do, we give in and all of the sudden half of our fried rice is gone, as well as our 1/3 of the bed we started out with. For the most part we don’t mind, we like being followed around like a school kid again and being looked up too , especially when we know that the little human staring at our every move could potentially someday be our retirement ticket πŸ˜‰) ( Jk of course) . But as we do, we forge through dinner half hungry and give all of our hot water to that 33 in. tall tiny person who just can’t go 2 seconds without using your shoulder as a Kleenex. Deep down we love it, deep down, we know these days will be fast and one day we will wish they weren’t slamming the door in our faces and screaming that we are ‘ruining their lives’. We know that right now, in this present moment, all this person wants to do is be as close as possible to our skin and hear our heartbeats, and feel our breath on their face. It’s their security, it’s their warmth, it’s their life… their whole life..WE are their whole life….


With that beautiful sentiment, I would like to add a lesson I learned in ‘alone time’… After 3 kids, 3 dogs, and a long ass winter…This Momma was feelin’ less than sexy, less than attractive, less the human. I woke up one day and realized that I was using mascara that was discontinued. I noticed every split end on my head.. I looked in the mirror and found a hair where it shouldn’t have been… this was not OK.. this was unacceptable… this was the last straw…

I took a stand against my kids… and failed miserably (LMAO).

I decided that Monday morning after coloring and styling my sister’s hair, and catering to 3 little children , and putting myself last, that this day.. was going to be the day that ‘i started to take care of myself..’ I was ready, i was pumped.. I was going to , come hell or high water, make myself feel ‘ pretty again’ ..


I had just finished waxing Marina’s perfect brows, and thought, this is it.. the perfect start to my ‘ spa day’ intermittent with mothering and running a household.. but I’ll be damned, this wax it hot and raring to go.. on goes the wax, on goes the strip.. and RIP.. ahh there is the top of my arch..

Go in for a second round.. but before I could get the wax on Stella needs me to untie a shoe.. yes.. this is easy, I can totally balance this whole day out.. give a little, take a little.. baby steps…

Second rip… AHH sweet freedom.. there I’m starting to look less like Helga from Hey Arnold…

3rd swipe of wax, strip on.. begin smoothing down… and Damnit, Hank is stuck inside of his shirt that’s twisted 2 times around his arm.. ( how that happened I don’t know) but after a minute of un-pretzling him, I almost forgot what I was doing until I saw that big white piece of muslin stuck to my face… ahh oh yes.. ‘re-prettifying’…. RRRIIIPPP…

I couldn’t even look in the mirror, I couldn’t even catch my breath.. I knew exactly what just transpired.. I knew exactly why it felt like my face was on fire.. I just wasn’t sure how bad it was…
After doing the running man for 30 seconds in place, and about 42 chicken flaps.. I turned to a very distraught and confused Marina, who quickly discovered “what was wrong.”Β  She LITERALLY fell in my bathtub and almost had a coronary from laughing so hard.. After getting up off of the floor myself from death of laughter, I helped Marina back up and we assessed the situation..


Ya… not much to ‘asses’… it was pretty much gone.. and gorilla glue wasn’t looking to promising..After throwing around the idea of making the other one match and then realizing quickly that was a terrible plan, I did the only thing I could think of… I laughed..


Mind you, this is a HUGE accomplishment for me.. had it been about 2 years ago, I would have shaved them both off in a fit of rage and double downed on some Prozac to keep me from crying..But after birthing 3 children, being peed on, being pooped on and a couple of other not so pretty awkward moments, all I could do was laugh.. all I could do was chalk this one up in the books as lesson learned that ‘ No alone time is ever “safe” ‘… and after $34 in fill in brow make up and about 3 months to grow back.. everything is back to normal, and I now get to hopefully get a little laugh out of you in sharing this hopeful story about just going with the flow of whatever shit creek comes your way πŸ™‚

Kids 1.. Mom – 0



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